HoleShot Open

All categories within the holeshot are mixed male & female at present there are no separate male or female categories

The prize purse event is the 15+ Holeshot open race

  • 1st prize £350.00
  • 2nd Prize £150.00

Race Format

What started as a training exercise was turned into a quick fire race format by Sam Willoughby and Tyler Brown. the BMX world will forget the stringent regulations of the UCI, defy the pressure that comes with world cup and world championship racing and will let flair and style fly at the inaugural ‘Lisburn Open Holeshot Challenge’ at Lisburn BMX Track

Unlike other BMX events, the competition will be run from the gate until the exit of turn one, a truly sprint event that will demand pure speed and a dash of skill from some of the world’s finest.

The structure of the event will be simple.  heats of eight riders will line up, with the bottom two in each being dropped out after the first round. In the second round, two heats of six riders will line up – again the bottom two will be eliminated.

From there the remaining riders will go into one heat, with a round every 10 minutes that will knock out the slowest rider each time, until just two remain. With no lane choice, and the gates being closed in each time, riders will be racing shoulder-to-shoulder every round.

No motos, no second chances, no excuses.

Age groups@

  • Under 6 years of age
  • 7-8 years of age
  • 9-10 years of age
  • 11-12 years of age
  • 13-14 years of age
  • 15+
  • 30+ Masters
  • 30+ Cruisers

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